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Quick little message...

June 8, 2001 - I have finally finished building my lair.  This isn't the first Jade Dragon's Lair.  I guess I would call this one v2.0 because I completely redid the entire design.  The old one is here:

Jade Dragon's Lair, v1.0

In this new one, there were many things I wanted to change.  First, geocities was being slow and pissing me off, so I moved the new one to the atozasia server.  This is also going to be mirrored on  A lot of pages are cross-linked because I felt it was a bit redundant to mirror some things and not others and it's a virtual version-control nightmare.  Also, I changed the entire design because I wanted to reflect the changes in me over the years that my website has not changed with me.  I wanted to step away from conventions and stereotypes and do something completely different without completely cutting away the old me.  That is why v1.0 is still around.

As you may or may not notice, the actual structure was not altered much since I felt it was an efficient one.  I made the Dragon Sisters and Broom Closet into separate entities and rewrote my introduction/biography.    I wanted this to be a little more simplistic but nice-looking in its design and as you may or may not have noticed, there's a lot more continuity to the site.

So, enjoy your stay here.  I'll be reduced to a shadowy presence somewhere around here as you read poetry and stuff like that.

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