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Dream Wanderer 

See that jungle trail, dream wanderer,
Choose wisely your path, no regrets,
No choice will bring true happiness. 

For how much dare you hope?
Knowing you will wake again, and again?
And if there is a promise
You shall have more dreams°™better dreams,
What do you choose?

The dream wakes, and where have you been?
Each step to now, was that dreaming also?
Nothing is real but wanting, reaching,
Tears squeezed through closed lids
Enough to drown in.

What dream does not wake?
Memories fading fast into the sand,
Stories and lives all end the same;
How long can a flash of lightening
Wait for the epilogue?

There is an empty stage, somewhere,
Without me, without you,
Without joy or tragedy,
No curtain over the ending brief candle,
Not even walking shadows.

What dream does not wake? 

Where are the dreams now, young wanderer?
Choose wisely your path, no regrets,
Neither can bring true happiness.


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