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After working my tushie off on this website, I figured I've got to have something that's all Me, Me, Me!! That's why this page came along. Besides, there's too many people asking about me for me to reply all those emails so I'll just tell some stuff about me right here and now.

But before we get to that, how about meeting my little dragon? I adopted Devia from the Adopt-a-Dragon Foundation.

Okay, back to me. Many of you who go to my school may know me under a different name, but for all practical purposes here, I'm Jade Dragon. (Jade is actually a literal translation from my name in Chinese.) I speak fluently in Mandarin Chinese and English, and I'm semi-fluent in Shanghainese. I'm learning French, and I'm also on my way to recovereing my literacy in Chinese. ;-)

I'm a Libra, born year of the Pig in China. I listen to some Chinese pop music and some R&B. My favorite candy is niu-pi tang, which either makes my teeth stick together, my fingers stick together, or both. I'm crazy about Huan Zhu Ge Ge, a TV series about an orphan girl in the Qing Dynasty who was mistaken for a princess and eventually became one. I like exploring different cultures and customs, especially after realizing all the similarities between them. I like camping, white-water rafting, and martial arts. If you get our school channel, you can watch our Chinese New Year celebration with our martial arts performance (which we worked really hard for). Also, if you get the Skokie Library Channel (24 in these areas), you could watch my piano performance with Gina de Bello (violin) in the Steinway Concert Series 2000.

Writing and reading poetry and stories has always been a favorite pastime for me. Some of my favorite poems are displayed in the poetry house. Some of them have won awards, and a good proportion of them have been submitted to Calliope, our school's literary magazine. I hope you enjoy reading them. Being the bookworm I am, I'm going to have a list of my favorite books up soon -- as soon as I have time to put it up.

I am also a practitioner of the Craft of the Wise. If you would like more information, go to the wicca section(a.k.a Jade's Broom Closet), or you could visit the wicca links. The story about how I got into wicca should be at the Celtic Connection shortly.

I think this should be about it for now at least. Email me at for questions, comments, critiques, or whatnot.

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