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The Charge of the God

Then you shall be taught to be wise, so in the fullness of time you shall count yourselves among those who serve the Ancients; And you shall grow to love the music of the Woodlands, to dance to the sound of His pipes in step with cloven hooves and the forest song...

And you shall learn the Mystery of Rebirth, filling your heart with Her moonlight, growing in harmony with the Earth, as Her children, protective of your Mother...

And you shall grow in wisdom; and you shall grow in compassion. And in love shall you heal the sick, pursuing the arts of healing, the lore of the Mother's herbs...learning the psychic cure, to nurture, to help Her children grow. And in wisdom you shall give counsel, knowing the skills of divination, seeing how the children best flow in Universal Harmony, understanding planetary cycles and knowing prophecy.

Thus will you be the Wise Ones, knowing the lores of Nature; the Wiccans of the heaths, of the countryside, the pagans of the cities, knowing all are One to the Mother; knowing all are One to the Father.

Let thy life and the lives to come be in the service of the Lord and the Lady.