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The Redes (Index)

As we all know well, there are many versions of the Wiccan Rede floating around on the web these days, and we just accept whichever one we like. What I have done is I compiled a few of these and found a rare and full version that has not ever been edited down for conciseness. That is the Full Wiccan Rede, and there is the most popular version on the web, often mistaken as the full length rede. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Map of the Redes:

The Full Wiccan Rede - This one is the non-concise full version of the Wiccan Rede with all eight Sabbats and various trees also included, unlike the popular version with only Elder. I have broken this one up into stanzas for easier reference.

The Common Version - This one is the version that mose of you have probably already seen and is widely distributed on the web. It has most of the material most people would know.

The Short Version - This is the totally concise version of the rede with nothing but the most important lines (as you would see). You may have seen this version on some other sites. (Also Known As: The Wiccan Law)


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