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Tada!  Here is a the new banner Roman did for this site:

(11 K) filename: 2jdl_p.jpg

The file size is a bit on the high end, but it looks cool.  Maybe it's not the most impressive thing ever, but it's the JDL v2.0 banner 1.0 ... if that makes any sense at all.  That's why I kept the old ones around, in addition to my "neoclassic" banner.  It's based on the "classic" one, but I've edited some stuff.

(5 K) filename: 2jdl_nc.jpg

These below are mainly from my old site, as you can tell by the color scheme and designs.  As you may or may not be able to tell, in the new Lair, I'm trying to lean away from the conventional and stereotypical, and do something a little more "me."

(4.3K)filename: jdlban2.gif
I call it the "fade" banner.

(8.7K)filename: jdlban3.gif
This is the one I like to call the "background" banner because it shares the predominant background of the old site. This one is a bit larger, but I think it looks cool.

(4.3K) filename: jdlban1.gif
This is my "classic" banner, which you may have found on the old Lair and some other people's sites.  Look!  It even has my old url!

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